Location Scouting

Finding the ideal event venue, we lead the contract negotiations taking all into account, including:

  • the number of participants,
  • need of technical equipment and
  • number of rooms, and
  • access to public transport and hotels.
Budget Management

Tailoring to your wishes and objectives, I ensure the economic success of your conference by delivering to you:

  • forecasts of all expected costs as well as
  • monthly updated cost overviews containing all incomes and expenditures.
Design and maintenance of your event homepage

Based on WordPress, we build you an event homepage with all relevant information. We regularly maintain all content, take care of web hosting and embed an online registration platform for your participants. 

Planning and Organization of Social Events

Planning to perfection, we consider:

  • various suitable locations,
  • the elaboration of a decoration and lighting concept,
  • artist bookings,
  • restaurant and shuttle reservations,
  • the organization of tourist tours, and
  • anything else that may arise or maximize the success of your conference.
Regularly updated Reports

Delivering regularly updated status reports on the most important processes, we include:

  • marketing measures,
  • number of participants, and
  • correspondence with speakers, sponsors and partners.
Communication with Speakers

Communicating with clarity, we:

  • send invitations,
  • arrange hotel reservations,
  • organize arrival and departure, all while
  • ensuring that your invited speakers receive all relevant organizational and technical information.

Poster and abstract management can be included.

Communication with Sponsors/Exhibitors

Satisfying sponsors and exhibitors is key to a successful event! To ensure this success we:

  • research and actively acquire relevant industrial partners and exhibitors,
  • create an individually tailored sponsoring catalog,
  • continuously follow-up all communication, and
  • ensure that they receive all relevant organizational information.
Graphic Design

We are familiar with the various Adobe graphics programs with which we design your flyers, advertisements, print materials, etc. 

Selection of Suitable Event Technology

Tailoring to your wishes and customized design, we determine the need for event, media and stage technology all in collaboration with a partner for a smooth technical process.

Supervision of the Event on-site

Requiring organizational talent, good planning and flexibility on site, many details have to be taken into account and many questions have to be answered.
Some of the most important tasks I will take care of include:

  • setting up and looking after the service counter,
  • planning the exhibition areas with optimal room layout and space utilization,
  • providing service-oriented support for all participants,
  • organizing the entrance control and coordination with the contact person of the venue and all involved partner companies.
Event Marketing

This includes:

  • developing a corporate design,
  • database management,
  • flyer and advertisement placement
  • social-media marketing
  • newsletters creation,
  • partners and media collaboration,
  • event homepage & Application creation and maintenance, as well as,
  • giveaways design and production.
Social Media Campaign

An effective social media event strategy will involve connecting with your followers before, during, and after an event. We compile texts and images for posts and create a monthly social media plan so that visitors to your event stay regularly informed.

Communication and Selection of Service Partners

Collaborating closely and clearly with numerous service partners, I take care of:

  • find the most suitable partners for you,
  • conduct the contract negotiations, and
  • handle all other arrangements.
Set-up Registration Tool

Offering easy registration and organization management we create event webpages for quick, easy registration for attendees online with automatically badge assignment. On the back end, we also provide access to invoice and other relevant organizational information.


Following-up is never left off our list. We handle the:

  • dispatch of thank-you letters,
  • travel expense accounting,
  • evaluation of feedback forms,
  • provision of online lectures,
  • and more.

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